The packaging of inflatables can vary depending on their size and complexity. However, here are some general steps for packing an inflatable:

1 Deflate the structure: Start by unplugging the blower and let the structure deflate completely. Be sure to turn off any power source for safety.

2 Clean the structure: Before packing it, it is recommended to clean the inflatable structure to remove dirt, moisture or any other debris. Use a clean cloth and soapy water to wipe down the surface. Be sure to let it dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

3 Remove accessories: If the inflatable structure has detachable accessories, such as slides or obstacles, remove them carefully and separately. Store them in suitable bags or containers to prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged.

4 Fold the structure: Start by folding the smaller sides of the structure inwards. Next, fold the concertina structure following the manufacturer's seams and guide lines. Be sure to bend the structure evenly and avoid bending it too tightly to avoid damage.

5 Roll the structure: Once the structure is folded, you can roll it firmly from one side. Make sure that the folds are well aligned and that the structure is rolled up compactly and neatly. Attach the retaining straps to keep the structure rolled up.

6 Store in a bag or container: Place the folded and rolled up inflatable structure in a suitable storage bag or container provided for this purpose. Make sure the bag or container is clean and dry to prevent mold or damage.

7 Label and store: For easier identification later, label the bag or container with the name of the inflatable structure and other relevant information. Store the structure in a dry place and away from humidity, excessive heat or sharp objects that could damage it.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions for packing each inflatable, as the steps may vary slightly depending on the model. If possible, also keep the instruction manuals provided by the manufacturer for future reference.